Newer Works

These pieces were all created within the past 2 years (give or take a bit). Most of these are available. 

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Photo Gallery

The Ropewalk

18" x 24" oil/linen

South Beach Condos

15" x 30" oil/linen


11" x 14" oil/panel

Diamond Droplets

11" x 14" oil/panel

The Path to the Pond

White Peacock walking through peonies

24" x 36" oil/linen

A Slice of Light

A vase of lilies and a dove

24" x 18" oil/linen


A group of Gladiolas and a Swallowtail butterfly

16" x 20" oil/linen

The Gossamer Trail

a jellyfish in the water

24" x 18" oil/linen

Gracefully Balanced

A foxglove flower with a flawless blue background

20" x 10" oil/panel

Fade to Blue

shallow water with grasses and minnows

24" x 18" oil/linen

Dawn's Awakening (Shell Ginger and Violet eared Hummingbird)

 11" x 14" oil/panel

Blue Heaven

(A Partial view - click on image for more) 36" x 24" oil/linen

The Trio

12" x 9" oil/panel

Dad's Roses

Red roses with a bluebird perched on the stem

11" x 14" oil/linen

Fan Dance

9" x 12" oil/panel

Goldfinch and Crabapples

A Goldfinch on a branch with a few crabapples

9" x 12" oil/linen

Reddy Fox and the Merry Little Breezes

A red fox sitting and looking at swirling leaves

16" x 20" oil/panel


A kestrel perched on a mullion weed

16" x 12" oil/linen


Bamboo and a great blue heron

15" x 30" oil and 22k gold leaf on panel