About my Frames


Hand made

All the frames I supply with my artwork are hand carved and gilded by European artisans in nearby Rhode Island. 



Look at the difference between the high quality hand made frames I provide in the above image & this cheap example from Mexico to the right. A lot of similar frames are also cheaply made in China. Even from a frame shop, most gold frames are no more than painted, not real leaf. There is just no comparison.


A fitting finish

A high quality frame finishes the artwork nicely, and brings such an elegant touch to your home. They come in different designs, but I buy frames outright & choose from my stock what I believe is a good fit for the artwork. Therefore, individually requested designs are not available. 

Of course if these are not your style, I am always willing to sell without the frame. Please e mail me for the discounted price.

About Shipping


Safety first

I have been shipping artwork across the country for over 30 years, so I know how to pack safely, to protect both your artwork and the frame.

Many smaller pieces have free shipping. 



These shipping boxes are especially made to ship artwork safely. I use these for all pieces larger than 11" x 14". They are expensive, but it is worth it. And you have the option of sending it back to me, with a refund for any costs you have paid above the actual shipping charge - or you may keep the box for safely storing or transporting your artwork.

I don't take chances with smaller works either - they are just easier to pack adequately. I use double cardboard reinforcement and ample bubble wrap to protect the piece. I never, ever use peanuts. They can shift & cause damage to a canvas artwork, or leave frame corners vulnerable.



Each airfloat box has a liner of hard plastic, two layers of egg carton style foam, and a perforated inner foam lining which adjusts to the custom size of the painting.