My Background

I was raised in New York, in an artistic family. My Father was a professional musician & rare stringed instrument dealer & restorer. My Mother was a ballet dancer that studied with Madam Bronslav Nijinska. My Italian heritage included family members that were visual and performance artists.  

My Medium

I began painting with oils in 1974. I enjoy the versatility & blending abilities of oils. I  also  paint with egg tempera, sometimes combining the two - beginning with egg tempera & finishing with oil glazes. Tempera offers me a change, as it is an immediate and precise medium.

My Inspiration

Growing up, I spent many summers in southern Maryland and chased butterflies through the fields there. I also had the opportunity to live in the mountains of northern California, and explore the beaches and marshes of Cape Cod. A love of nature and these open spaces influenced my choice of subject matter.  I make it a point to spend time in the field observing and learning as much as possible about my subjects.


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