Giclee Prints :

Fine quality artists produced prints, on canvas or fine art velevet paper

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I can make a print for you of almost any of the paintings that you see on this website, with the exception of the older works that were not documented with high res photography, and maybe a very few others that I sold before I was able to properly photograph them. These are my most popular images:



"American Avocet" print size 11" x 14"                                              "A Sunny Morning" print size 11" x 14"




"Marsh Wren" print size 9 " x 7 "                                      "Summer Sun" (Cape Cod Bay) print size 14" x 11"


"Bluebirds and Bayberries"  print size 9" x 12"                                "Mandarin Duck" print size 8" x 10"                              




"A Not So Still Life" print size 9" x 12"                                        "Summer Roses" print size 11" x 15"


"Sunny Orchard" print size 20" x 10"                                "Blue Jay" print size 9" x 7"


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